Month: March 2010

Nintendo to Release 3-D Portable Console

Nintendo has announced that it will release a 3-D portable console, the Nintendo 3DS. The system will use two screens, will be backwards compatible with current DS and DSi games, and—most likely the biggest feature—players won’t have to wear any special glasses to see the game in 3-D. Last month, Ars Technica posted a video (above) of a downloadable game that is currently out in Japan, which allows the user to see a 3-D effect by peering into the game and moving the console back and forth. The 3DS may use similar technology. The Nintendo 3DS is scheduled to be release before the end of the fiscal year, sometime between April 2010 and March 2011. The company has yet to release any images or videos of the upcoming system, or explain how the games will look or be...

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I Made a Maqet! (Part 2)

So, the wait is over. My maqet showed up today. I’m still wondering how it’s pronounced…does it rhyme with “packet”? Or does it sound more like “Rockette” with a “muh” sound in the front? And why oh why is there no letter “u” following the “q”? This goes against everything I know about the alphabet.  When I first opened the package, I wondered why there were Styrofoam packing peanuts in the box to cushion a plush toy. Upon further inspection, I realized that my maqet is not a plush, as I for some reason thought it would be, but a little hard action figure-type creature.  He (it?) came with a little nametag with spaces for me to fill out my name as “artist” and for me to fill in the name of my maqet. The maqet’s birthday, March 14, 2010, is on the tag as well; I’m assuming this is the day I designed him/her/it on the website. How cool would it be to design one the day your child was born; then you’d forever have this little one-of-a-kind creature that you made that’s exactly the same age as your own little one-of-a-kind creature that you made. One of the most notably awesome things about my Maqet (other than the fact that I got to design my own super-cool action figure), is the disclaimer on the back of the...

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K’NEX Signs On to Produce “Roary” Building Sets

K’NEX Brands has signed a licensing deal with Chapman Entertainment and HIT Entertainment to manufacture and market a line of construction toys based on the Sprout series, Roary the Racing Car. K’NEX will produce Roary building sets, including builable figures and buildable vehicles. The sets will be available at mass retailers in the U.S. and Canada in fall 2011. Last month, Bandai America announced that it was named the U.S. master toy licensee for the brand, and will manufacture a full line of Roary toys, available exclusively at Toys “R” Us...

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WowWee Presidents Make Purchase Offer

Richard Yanofsky, president of WowWee Canada, and Peter Yanofsky, president of WowWee USA, have set up a company to buy out the current shareholders of the Optimal Group, of which WowWee is a wholly-owned subsidiary, and have the support of Optimal’s board of directors. The offer of $2.40 per share represents a premium of approximately 50 percent over the closing price of the Class “A” shares of $1.60 on the NASDAQ on March 16, 2010. The purchase would make Optimal a privately held...

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International Children’s Trade Show to Premiere in New York

Playtime—the international trade show dedicated to children, junior, and maternity products—will premiere in the U.S. as Playtime New York. The New York City edition of the show will be held July 31 to August 2, during the Children’s Market, at 82 Mercer in Soho. The event is scheduled to take place bi-annually, during market in March and July/August. Playtime New York will feature a comprehensive international selection of today’s collections in the children’s and maternity marketplace, including infant and children’s clothing, shoes and accessories, baby gear, toys, deco/design products, childcare, and maternity. A website for the show,, is being developed in the same format as Playtime Paris. For more information, call (212)...

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