Month: June 2010

Webosaurs Exits Beta, Enters Market With New Features

Reel FX Creative Studios (RFCS) has announced that its online educational and social game, Webosaurs, is now live following a yearlong open beta test. Based on the free-to-play model, with premium enhancements available for a price, Webosaurs is the brainchild of Reel FX Entertainment and Jacques Panis, who said he saw a market opportunity for boy-centered online entertainment after his twins found it difficult to find such content online. Webosaurs’ official market release brings with it new content in the form of enhanced privacy controls, virtual pets, an arcade room, new quests, more Webosodes–educational, live-action clips–from Nigel Marven, new domains to explore, new games, and a virtual catalog to purchase various goods and services. A reconstructed homepage, virtual recycling program, expanded help, and a new parents page, as well as the ability to add more avatars to a user’s collection, round out the list of enhancements. With plans for ancillary products ranging from RFCS’s iPhone app to a comic book series, Webosaurs is set to build upon its brand power. For boys–although girls can play, too–ages 5 to 10, Webosaurs combines action gaming with educational aspects to create a prehistoric experience in a COPPA-compliant...

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Sanrio Partners with MEGA for Construction Toys

Sanrio, Inc. and MEGA Brands, Inc. have entered into a North American licensing agreement to develop construction toys for young girls based on the Hello Kitty brand. Under the two-year agreement, MEGA Brands obtains the rights to develop construction toy sets based on the Hello Kitty brand, which will allow young girls to build, personalize, and collect their very own Hello Kitty world. The Mega Bloks-licensed product offerings will make their debut in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico in spring...

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Li & Fung President Says China’s Low Cost Era is Over

President and executive director of Li & Fung, Ltd., Bruce Rockowitz, told audience members at the Reuters Consumer and Retail Summit that he believed that the low-cost era in China was likely over. Rockowitz said China was moving into “an era for higher prices,” citing greater commodities prices and labor costs. Despite growing costs, Li & Fung will continue half of its production in China, switching to sourcing from China’s cheaper interior to its coastal area as infrastructure in the interior grows with high-speed railways. Li & Fung said that China would continue to be its biggest sourcing country, followed by Vietnam. Despite China being its biggest sourcing country, Rockowitz said the top 100 retailers only accounted for 10 percent of total domestic...

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Lucasfilm Issues Cease and Desist to Maker of Pro Artic Laser

Lucasfilm has issued an immediate cease and desist to Wicked Lasers, the maker of Pro Artic Laser (video above). The product resembles the lightsaber in the Star Wars film and is described by Wicked Lasers as “the most dangerous laser ever created” and that “extremely dangerous is an understatement.” Lucasfilm’s General Counsel David Anderman stated that “the product is not licensed or approved by Lucasfilm in any way” and that the company strongly discourages consumers from purchasing...

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