American Girl Debuts Custom Dolls

American Girl - Create Your Own Dolls

For the first time in American Girl history, kids can customize their own Truly Me doll from head to toe. Using the new online tool, kids can create their own designs with the options of face molds, skin tones and freckles, eye and hair colors, hair textures, new cuts and styles, and additional features such as earrings, hearing aids, glasses, braces, and more. [Read more...]

Enforcement Delayed for Suffolk County’s Toxic Free Toys Act

According to the TIA, enforcement has been delayed for the Toxic Free Toys Act of 2015, a law banning and criminalizing the sale of federally compliant toys and children’s products within Suffolk County, N.Y. [Read more...]

Alex Brands Launches Lil Lockitz

Lil-Lockitz-Memory-Studio--pTRU1-23820130dtAlex Brands launched Lil Lockitz, a line of custom lockets for kids to personalize. Kids can make necklaces, bracelets, and key chains with the lockets they design themselves.

The initial collection features eight products, including Memory Studio, Best Friend Party Pack, which makes 18 lockets for necklaces, bracelets, and key chains; Selfie Set, with lockets featuring a selfie or photo with friends; Pets Set, which makes six lockets featuring kids’ favorite animals; Sweets Set, featuring sweet treat charms; and Vacay, Rock Star, or Juice Bar Set, with which kids can create three keepsake lockets, themed as their favorite vacation, rock ‘n roll, or fruit charms. [Read more...]

Toy Fair Exhibitor Reunites Cat with NYC Owner

Trousers the catnapped cat will be hitchhiking a cross-country ride back home after being missing from his family since June.

Found and taken in by the Peterson family in Oakland, Calif., they decided to have the feline checked for a microchip.  Once the vet technician scanned the fluffy white cat and found a HomeAgain registered microchip, she called the service and returned to the waiting room with the news. The cat’s name was Trousers and it seemed as though his owners hadn’t updated their contact information: they were registered as living in New York City.

When the Landaus’s, Trousers’ owners, were contacted, they were stunned to hear how far their pet had made it.  Skeptical at first, they recognized Trousers with his unique black spots on his hind legs that give the impression  he’s wearing pants.

Once they were certain it was really their cat, the Landaus’s now faced the problem of transporting him across the  country, back to his home in Brooklyn.

Luckily, Laurie Peterson, Founder and CEO of Build & Imagine Toys, had a solution: she will soon be in New York for  the 2016 Toy Fair to showcase her new building toys, and Trousers will hitch a ride with her on her cross-country Virgin America flight.

“He is known and loved by every person on our street and has way more friends in the neighborhood than we do. His return is going to bring an untold amount of joy to dozens of people,” said owner Heather William-Landaus. “I really wish he could tell us about his crazy adventures!”

New Collectible Toys Stack Up

Whether it‘s seashells at the beach, multi-colored rocks, or big colorful feathers, kids love to collect odds and ends. For more than a decade, toy companies have cashed in on this quirky habit by introducing toy lines with small price points and big collectibility. In 2016, collectible toys are projected to get smaller in size, but larger in variety and number. With many new offerings already lined up, kids will have a lot more to choose from. [Read more...]

American Girl Helps Spark Mother-Daughter Conversations with The Care & Keeping of Us

American Girl The Care and Keeping of Us - photoAmerican Girl has partnered with pediatrician and author, Dr. Cara Natterson, on a go-to guide for moms and daughters. The three-book set, The Care & Keeping of Us: A Sharing Collection for Girls and Their Moms, provides the tools to get conversations going on topics of concern for many growing girls, including body basics, hygiene, healthy habits, social media, and more.

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The Lego Group, Le Méridien to Offer Complimentary Toys to Hotel Guests

LEGORaceCarStarwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Inc. has entered into a global partnership with Le Méridien Hotels and The Lego Group to offer kids ages 18 months to 12 years with a complimentary Lego toy to enjoy during their stay and take home as a keepsake from their travels.

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SKC Launches Program to Educate Public about Danger of Purchasing and Accepting Recalled Products

In an effort to keep children and babies away from the danger of recalled items, Safe Kids California (SKC) has launched a program to educate the public about the danger of unknowingly purchasing or accepting products that have been recalled.

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Little Heroes Launches Indiegogo Campaign for Herokins

Herokins, from Little Heroes Technologies, is a line of wearable smart toys that foster shared experiences between parents and children. Herokins celebrates the adventure of learning through engaging StoryQuests that intrinsically motivate children to gain their independence while staying safe. The line features a mobile app, as well as two Bluetooth-enabled action figures, Axel McRed and Dr. Rose, which guide users on adventures that strengthen family bonds and facilitate learning.

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Albany County Agrees to Halt Enforcement of Toy Ban

As reported by the Toy Industry Association, a federal judge has granted a motion to stay an Albany County law banning the sale of toys and other children’s products containing certain chemicals. The law will not be enforced while the county seeks to address the serious legal concerns raised by a lawsuit filed by the Safe to Play Coalition last month.

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