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Safari Ltd.’s Wild Safari Gyropsaurus Wins Prehistoric Times’ Dinosaur of the Year

Safari Ltd. has received Prehistoric Times magazine‘s 2013 Dinosaur of the Year award for its Wild Safari Gyrposaurus. Prehistoric Times magazine caters to both retail stores and individual dinosaur enthusiasts. The magazine is celebrating its 20th year in distribution. The staff and the retailers that were canvassed gave strong support for the Gyrposaurus. Safari Ltd.’s Wild Life dinosaur collection features high-quality figures with a great amount of detail and accuracy. The company is a third-generation, educational toy company whose mission is to teach children the importance of nature and its conservation through the joy of...

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New Angelina Ballerina PSA Featuring Larry King

Apparently, Larry King has some moves. Check out this PSA of King, Nigel Lythgoe (executive producer of So You Think You Can Dance and American Idol), and kids’ character Angelina Ballerina promoting the health benefits of dance. Produced by Hit Entertainment and the Dizzy Feet Foundation, the PSA is part of the Dance 4 Your Life national health campaign launched by the Larry King Cardiac Foundation and the Dizzy Feet Foundation, aiming to get people dancing their way to a healthier...

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Toys “R” Us Reportedly Rejects Bid From Isaac Larian

According to CNNMoney, Toys “R” Us rejected the bid from Isaac Larian, CEO of  MGA Entertainment Inc. (MGAE), to save the toy store. Last week, Larian put in a formal bid of $675 million to buy the Toys “R” Us stores in the U.S., as well as $215 million to buy  the Toys “R” Us stores in Canada. According to reports, the bid was too low. Despite the alleged rejection, CNNMoney reports that Larian plans to continue to fight to save Toys “R” Us. Toys “R” Us filed for bankruptcy in September, and announced last month that it would officially be closing its doors. Following the news, Larian started a GoFundMe campaign aimed at saving the...

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Isaac Larian Puts in Official Bid to Save Toys “R” Us

Isaac Larian, CEO of MGA Entertainment Inc. (MGAE), put in a formal bid of $675 million to buy the Toys “R” Us stores in the U.S., as well as $215 million to buy  the Toys “R” Us stores in Canada. The funds to purchase both the U.S. and Canadian stores will come from Larian’s own coffers, additional investors, and bank financing. After last month’s announcement that Toys “R” Us will be closing it’s doors, Larian started a GoFundMe campaign aimed at saving the toy retailer. “The time is now. Everyday that goes by, the value of Toys “R” Us declines and more people lose their jobs. I did my...

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The Genius of Play Launches New Public Service Announcement Campaign

The Genius of Play released its “Dear Parents” public service announcement (PSA) campaign today. Each PSA takes a unique look at play from a child’s perspective, and explains to parents how a balanced mix of play offers kids a variety of benefits. The campaign consists of four PSAs: “Dear Parents: Crazy” (:60) features a boy reading a letter to parents that highlights the different skills that play provides. “Dear Parents: Pop Quiz” (:30) a girl pretends to be a teacher, quizzing parents about the best kind of play for kids. “Dear Parents: Time Out” (:30) portrays a boy dressed as a super hero...

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