AmericanGirl.BeForeverToday, American Girl introduces BeForever, a new line of historical dolls, books, and related accessories that connects girls ages 8 and up with characters and timeless stories from America’s past. First introduced in 1986, and now with a new look, BeForever provides opportunities to explore the past, present, and future.

The BeForever line will debut with eight characters; all-new, historically accurate outfits and accessories for dolls; new and refreshed fiction books; and an original line of historically inspired clothing for girls. The characters include a Nez Perce girl who does her best to be a friend to the earth in 1764, to an optimistic girl who stands up for what’s right in the mid-1970s.

To celebrate the launch of BeForever, American Girl is welcoming back Samantha Parkington to its lineup of historical characters. One of the company’s original characters introduced in 1986, Samantha will be reintroduced with new products, including an ice cream parlor, a bike, a bedroom set, and several new outfits and accessories.

In addition, a new BeForever Journey book series will feature stories narrated by a girl from the present, who travels back in time to meet a BeForever character and share experiences with her. The multiple-ending adventure allows the reader to choose what happens at key points, becoming part of the action herself. Along with the new Journey books, each character’s classic six-book series has been reformatted into two novel-length volumes.

The BeForever line will also include brand-new contemporary fashions for girls inspired by historical characters. Available in sizes 6 to 16, each outfit combines design elements reflecting each character’s signature look and time period with a modern, relevant style. To help debut the new clothing line, American Girl is partnering with Lifetime‘s Project Runway for a BeForever-inspired designer challenge that will air on September 18.

Girls will also be able to discover more about BeForever at American Girl retail stores through free and paid launch events—including giveaways, crafts, and in-store activities—and online games, videos, and discoveries about characters at For parents and teachers, free downloadable learning guides that explore themes and issues from the BeForever stories are available at

The BeForever collection will be available on August 28 through American Girl’s catalogue, at, and at all American Girl retail locations.