June4.ABStella-300x186 copyRovio Entertainment Ltd, the company behind Angry Birds, has created an all-new game, Angry Birds Stella. It will feature a whole new set of stories, characters, and adventures.

Angry Birds Stella adds a new cast of characters to the Angry Birds universe: Stella, Poppy, Willow, Dahlia, and Luca. Gale, a good bird gone bad, wants to take over Golden Island, the birds’ island habitat. All of the birds must work together to find creative solutions to their problems.

Fans will meet Stella and her friends when the game comes out in September. In addition, the characters will have their own weekly animation series on ToonsTV that will eventually make its way to television and video on demand. The first season launches in November with 13 six-minute episodes, featuring such themes as adventure, heroism, and friendship.

Angry Birds Stella consumer product lines will debut at the Las Vegas Licensing Expo, taking place from June 17 to 19. Products include Hasbro Telepods figures powered by Retoy, which combine digital and physical play, along with plush toys, apparel, accessories, and more. In addition, the first Angry Birds Stella books will be available from September onwards starting in selected markets.