Lottie DollsArklu has released a new collection of Lottie dolls, equipped with full lines of clothes and accessories, is now on the market. Lottie is a 7.5-inch doll collection for girls ages 3 and up.

Each Lottie doll, including Butterfly Protector, Kawaii Karate, Pirate Queen, and Robot Girl, represents a range of activities that inspires girls to develop passions that they may not have previously known they had. Lotties are not just dolls, they each have a story telling context that’s full of educational and fun adventures that take place on the imaginary island of Branksea. Branksea encourages kids to use their imaginations not just with toys, but also in life.

Each Lottie doll promotes a “pro-girl” feel, but as individuals they are each special in their own way. Butterfly Protector Lottie was developed to inspire a love for nature, experiments, and science. Kawaii Karate Lottie was made to intrigue strong-bodied and strong-minded girls. Pirate Queen Lottie is meant to show girls that they can do anything boys can do, such being a pirate. And Robot Girl Lottie is intended for budding engineers and science whizzes.

All Lottie dolls are modeled on dimensions of a real nine-year-old girl. The dolls are available at 700 specialty store nationwide and they’re also sold globally. Lottie Chapter books based on the dolls adventures are expected to roll out next year.