Author: Christine Duhaime

Sago Sago Launches Consumer Products Division

Sago Sago, a developer of apps for toddlers, is launching a new consumer products division. The division will be led by Samson Lee, head of consumer products; and Stephanie Lemoine, design director. The move comes after the successful test run of plush toys produced by Sago Sago last year as a pilot project in partnership with Monster...

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Rasta Imposta, Sony Pictures Consumer Products Partner for Pixels Halloween Costumes

Rasta Imposta has been granted a license from Sony Pictures Consumer Products to produce Halloween costumes featuring characters from Pixels, based on the movie set to hit theaters July 24. Rasta Imposta will bring the Arcaders to Halloween this year, along with Lady Lisa and the video game character Q*Bert from the upcoming...

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COMMENTARY: Toy Shoppers Have More Tools at Their Disposal than Ever

Today’s toy shopping experience has become a combination—or choice—of in-person browsing, online price comparisons, and research in a way we’d previously never seen before the dawn of the smartphone. Gone are the days of browsing the aisles of a single store, limited to its inventory and prices. Competitors used to be a trip or a phone call away, and often, shoppers didn’t have the time or desire to drive around town in search of a slightly lower price. Shoppers that want instant gratification can now do a quick search online to check if the toy they want is in stock, or to see which store in their area offers the lowest price or is having a sale, promoting a discount or coupon, or other incentives. I am often this type of shopper—I know what I want, and I know when I want it: Now! However, depending on the product or price, I’m willing to go out of my way to find a better deal. It’s incredible that I can pull out my iPhone and determine the best way to spend my money in an instant. Not only that, I can get directions to the store while I’m at it! Other shoppers don’t mind waiting to get an even lower price from retailers such as, or even Toy retailers sometimes use eBay to clear out stock to make...

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COMMENTARY: These Toy Fair Exhibitors Have Science Education Down to a Science

Science kits are typically geared toward kids ages 8 and up. There have been plenty of logical reasons for this—for one thing, kids need to be able to read the manual to do the experiments; and for another, science experiments can be complex, requiring kids to have longer attention spans and higher critical thinking skills. However, at this year’s North American International Toy Fair in NYC, many companies have found ways to introduce science to a younger audience. Snap Circuits Beginner (Elenco) Elenco’s Snap Circuits line teaches kids about building circuits, and each kit includes dozens of projects per pack to keep...

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COMMENTARY: Toy Fair 2015 Debuts Plush for Both Kids and Adults

Plush is not just about stuffed teddies anymore. At North American International Toy Fair, there were dozens of companies with plush on display—ranging from traditional bears, to robotic plush, to artistic plush. Creative plush designs are especially cool because they appeal to both kids and adults. The right plush piece can even add a unique design element to a room, and many of these types of plush characters are great gift ideas for expectant parents who are waiting to find out their little one’s gender, since they have a gender-neutral heirloom quality to them that makes them extra special....

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