Author: Erika Graham

New Product: Save the World(s) with Mechatars

iloveRobots invites gamers to choose one of three types of Mechatars, remote-controlled robots with unique personalities, and become immersed in the combined online and offline battle experience to restore peace in the fictional Mechaverse world. Start out with the free online missions then level up the purchased Mechatar robot to fight here on Earth, competing in either solo or multiplayer battles. The more time played in the virtual and physical realms, the more skills, weapons, and abilities gamers can acquire for their...

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New Product: Ready, Set, Action!

Kids of all ages can now record their extreme sport stunts on and off the track with the Hot Wheels Video Racer. The 1:64-scale vehicle comes ­­encased with a video camera, equipped with real-time playback and delete functionality on a built-in LCD screen, as well as memory capacity to record up to 12 minutes of footage. The package also includes attachment accessories to affix the Video Racer to a bike handlebar, skateboard, or snowboard helmet. Free video-editing software is available at...

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New Product: Eco-Friendly Elegance

In the imaginative world of, children are transformed into royalty with Organic Party’s line of Organic Cotton Birthday Crowns. Kids can represent the Kingdom of Kabida or the Kingdom of Crayebsiea with two styles of sequined, organic cotton-lined crowns. The festive crowns are machine-washable to withstand years of royal conduct. The package includes a set of attachable felt numbers, ranging from zero to nine to celebrate birthdays up to age...

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New Product: The Wave of the Future

NeuroSky has crossed into the future with the creation of the MindWave, a headset that harnesses “the power of brainwaves.” The headset’s various sensors monitor the wearer’s brainwaves, reading the user’s actions and emotions. With the 12 games that the headset includes, plus downloadable games online, users can explode objects with their mind, change the plot sequence of movies, learn what meditation or attentiveness feels like, and...

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New Wind-Up Pens Convert to Racers

California Creations is introducing wind-up toy pens, Z Writers, this fall. The new toys will be available in four different styles: Robots, Rockets, Race Cars, and Jets. Z Writers will join California Creations’ line-up of more than 200 wind-ups. The pens will be available nationwide for...

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