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Building a Brand: LEGO Reigns Supreme as the Industry’s Strongest Brand

by DAVID HAIGH, CEO, Brand Finance Every year, valuation and strategy consultancy Brand Finance values the brands of thousands of the world’s biggest companies. Brands are first evaluated to determine their strength on a scale from 0 to 100 (based on factors such as marketing investment, familiarity, loyalty, staff satisfaction, and corporate reputation) and given a corresponding letter grade up to AAA+. Brand strength is used to determine what proportion of a business’s revenue is contributed by the brand, which is projected into perpetuity to determine brand value. The world’s most valuable toy brands are ranked in the Brand...

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PlayCon Welcomes Jane McGonigal as a Keynote Speaker

The World-Renowned Alternate Reality Games Designer Marks a New Era for the Two-Day Event by Laurie Chartorynsky, The Toy Association Attendees of the new PlayCon, The Toy Association’s International Conference of Play Professionals, are in for an engaging session from world-renowned alternate reality game designer Jane McGonigal, a leading expert on how game design can be applied to the real world and a keynote presenter at the upcoming conference. The New York Times best-selling author marks a new era for PlayCon, taking place May 8 to 9 in San Francisco, Calif. More than a dozen thought-leaders, industry analysts, toy...

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Army Building: Assembling Brand Ambassadors to Champion Your Brand

by JAMES ZAHN, publisher, The Rock Father Magazine In the action figure world, “army building” is the process in which kids and collectors rally the troops—assembling a full crew to carry out imaginary missions. Whether it’s Gru’s Minions or Imperial Stormtroopers, the right army can make a big impact. Standing out among the ranks of the troops are the “specialists”—members of the team who look a little bit different, a distinction that they have an additional skill set or niche. When working with influencers, digital content creators, bloggers, or writers to help champion your brand, the same rules apply,...

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Toys “R” Us UK Goes Into Administration

Toys “R” Us UK, the biggest toy retailer in the UK, has gone into administration following the failure to find a buyer, according to BBC News. All 105 stores will remain open until further notice, but transactions on the website have been suspended. Products in store are expected to be on sale. Toys “R” Us has been facing a £15 million tax bill, and the closure of stores will put up to 3,000 jobs at...

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The NPD Group Examines How the Toy Industry Fared in 2017

by JULI LENNETT, senior vice president, industry advisor, toys, The NPD Group The U.S. toy industry grew by 1 percent to $20.7 billion in 2017, according to retail sales data* from global information company The NPD Group. Unit sales grew faster than dollars, up 3 percent, bringing the average retail price down by 2 percent to $9.99. The industry was 14 percent larger in 2017 than 2014, which calculates to a compounded annual growth rate of 4.5 percent. In terms of sales performance across the supercategories tracked by NPD, seven of the 11 supercategories posted gains in 2017. All...

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