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GUEST BLOG: Top 10 Steel Toys of All Time by Becky Cunningham

The following is a guest blog written by Becky Cunningham, a contributor for Capital Steel & Wire, Inc. and a writer with expertise in communication and public relations. Capital Steel & Wire, Inc. is a supplier of domestic and international steel bar and wire products. Throughout history, millions of dolls, trucks, board games, balls, stuffed animals, crafts, and other toys have been introduced for children of all ages and generations. The best toys of all time are debatable, but there are those few standard toys that have made an important mark in the life of the American child. What’s more significant is that these toys have one fundamental feature in common—they are all made of steel. Check out our list of the top 10 steel toys of all time. 1. Slinky “It’s Slinky! It’s Slinky! For fun it’s a wonderful toy. It’s Slinky! It’s Slinky! It’s fun for a girl or a boy.”  Slinky—and its famous jingle—is certainly a childhood classic; the slogan speaks for itself. But what the slogan doesn’t say is “It’s steel! It’s steel!” The ever-popular Slinky, developed in 1943 by mechanical engineer Richard James, was a hit the moment it was available in stores. In November 1945, Gimbels Department Store sold its entire inventory of Slinkys in just 90 minutes. This “walking” toy was actually an accidental creation. In an attempt to develop springs to...

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Voltron’s First-Ever Panel Presentation at Comic-Con

Voltron, the 1980s robot-themed television show franchise, is making a comeback this year and is also making its first-ever panel presentation at Comic-Con International, held in San Diego. The presentation will be made in the Indigo Ballroom at the Bayfront Hilton Hotel on July 21 at 6 p.m. The hour-long event will be moderated by Carrie Keagan, host of VH1’s Big Morning Buzz Live. Joining Keagan will be Senior Vice President of Nicktoons Keith Dawkins as well as Voltron’s Jeremy Corray (supervising producer), Brandon Thomas (comic book writer), and many other artists, producers, and designers who are behind the Voltron world. After the event, fans will have the opportunity to take a picture with a giant Voltron figure. Also, there will be an autograph signing with participating major talent and...

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Two New Uglydoll Characters Added This Month

Uglydoll fans are sure to welcome the release of  Ikoy Yoki and Heu Googeuy, two new characters who will be added to the franchise later this month: “Ikoy Yoki are everywhere. They are all around us. Some of us out there don’t believe in them, but they most certainly believe in you. When you get into trouble, you can always close your eyes and ask for guidance from Ikoy Yoki. Not when you’re driving or riding a bike though… and maybe not when you’re walking along in a crowd. Maybe just give Ikoy Yoki a hug when the coast is clear. Oh! And they love snack offerings. Not in a spiritual way or anything; they just like to eat.” “Heu Googeuy has a big heart and giant mind. Small feet though, so please wait up. He’s a shoulder to cry on and a pal in times of need. Mostly because he can’t run away fast enough when the tears start falling. But if you can pin him down, he’ll eventually give you some pretty good feedback.” The Uglydoll franchise was created by husband-and-wife team David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim. Both of the new characters will be available be in three different...

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Round 2 Releasing KISS Model Kits

Just in time for the 35th anniversary of the Destroyer album by KISS, Round 2 is releasing model kits that bring the album cover to life. The individual model kits for Starchild, Demon, Spaceman, and Catman can be joined together to mirror the rockers’ exact poses featured on the iconic album art. The kits come unassembled and include detailed pre-painted parts, allowing builders to assemble the figures quickly. The figures stand nearly a foot tall when placed on the included base stand. For an additional bonus, each kit also includes a unique mini poster. When all four kits are collected, the posters can be combined to form a large 2.5-foot by  2.5-foot poster of the Destroyer album...

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American Greetings Properties Announces New CGI-Animated Care Bears Series

American Greetings Properties has announced an all-new, CGI-animated television series starring the Care Bears of Care-a-Lot. This new series will debut next year, which also marks the property’s 30th anniversary. Additionally, Hasbro is planning to premiere a new Care Bears toy line in 2013. Care Bears debuted in 1982. The property has generated more than $2.6 billion in global sales since...

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