Author: Kelly Corbett

This Holiday, It’s About Smart Spending, Not Overspending

The holidays can be a hard time on anyone’s wallet. While some may argue “the more the merrier,” holiday spending can often get out of hand. Fearing we’ll ruin the magic for our little ones with a dull gift, we often spend more than we pocket and cave into those impulse buys. According to the National Retail Foundation (NRF), holiday sales are estimated to increase between 3.6 and 4 percent, for a total of $678.75 billion to $682 billion this year—up from $655.8 billion last year. But while national spending is on the rise, toy prices haven’t increased much from...

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Why Classic Play Is Here to Stay

Since we were kids, toys have long evolved from our Battleships sets and Pet Rocks. Now, as manufacturers dazzle us with all the newest gizmos, gadgets, and app-controlled toys—even Crayola has digital assets—it may seem like traditional play has lost all its charm. After all, why would a kid want to spend hours mulling over a Rubik’s Cube when there are Hatchimals and Fingerlings to be had? There may be an onset of new digital and tech toys available on toy store shelves, but that doesn’t mean the demand for traditional, unplugged toys has gone extinct. This year, The...

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American Girl Releases Newest BeForever Character

American Girl released its newest BeForever character, Nanea Mitchell. Nanea is a Hawaiian girl growing up on the island of Oahu during the Pearl War Era. The Nanea collection features an 18-inch doll with an all-new face mold, hazel eyes, dark brown hair, and several 1940s-era Hawaiian-inspired doll outfits and Nanea-inspired apparel for girls. To help ensure the historical accuracy and cultural authenticity of Nanea’s story and products, American Girl worked closely with an advisory board who provided their expertise in Hawaiian culture, language, and history. In addition to the collection, the Nanea book series details the character’s love for...

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First Bunch O Balloons #SplashMob Features Top Dance Talent

Dancer Fik-Shun, in collaboration with Bunch O Balloons, surprised unsuspecting pool party goers with an epic #SplashMob performance in Los Angeles. The pool party was attended by over 50 World of Dance performers, including Autumn Miller, the Miniotics Dance Crew, Hall of Fame Dance Team, and Soul Fresh. This first-ever Bunch O Balloons #SplashMob was captured using 12 cameras and more than 5,000 self-tying Bunch O Balloon water balloons. The video has been shared with World of Dance’s 5 million followers on YouTube and Facebook. In the video, the crowd was shocked into silence and then surprised as the...

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Radio Flyer Celebrates 100 Years

Radio Flyer, maker of the Little Red Wagon, is celebrating its 100th anniversary. To pay homage to its products, the brand created a video that showcases the 100th year theme of Time Flies, Enjoy the Ride. Watch the video below! The video is a snapshot of everyday childhood moments during the past 100 years, and highlights the sense of imagination and adventure, joy of outdoor play, and nostalgia. The company is also donating 2,000 wagons to Starlight Children’s Foundation partner hospitals nationwide to help transport children to and from tests and surgery. To celebrate this milestone in its hometown...

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