J. Shackelford Associates LLC (JSA) has announced the launch of a crowdfunding Kickstarter campaign to support the final production beta and launch of their 3-D Baby So Beautiful Virtual World. This life simulation game is for children ages 6 to 14 and casual and social gamers of all ages.

Built with Unity 3D, the game is free to play. Players customize a Baby So Beautiful baby doll that a fairy godmother, Ms. Judy, brings to life in the Doll Shop. Players can earn Baby Care Hearts in the game to pay for things they need to care for their virtual baby, or those who wish can buy Baby¢ents to immediately purchase anything they want for pennies.

Founder and CEO Judy Shackelford’s objective in making the virtual world game is to ensure that virtual babies are available and affordable for play by anyone, any age with access to a computer. JSA expects to launch the beta of its virtual world this summer. Once the game is out of beta, JSA plans to enable players to purchase a physical Baby So Beautiful doll, replicating their online virtual baby.  Versions of the virtual world game will be available later as apps for the iPhone, iPad, and Android platforms.

Find out more about the Baby So Beautiful Virtual World and Kickstarter Campaign at www.kickstarter.com/judyshackelford.