Newly launched company BeginAgain Toys, created by Chris Clemmer and David Bowen, the founders of Sprig Toys, Inc., has acquired eco-toymaker ImagiPlay.

BeginAgain will launch its initial product lineup of more than 50 products at ABC Kids Expo, to be held September 23-26. The products will be available in stores this fall. In addition to its original playthings, BeginAgain will carry many of ImagiPlay’s wooden toys, and has plans to update several of ImagiPlay’s designs for release next year.

BeginAgain describes its eco-friendly toys as being “powered by kids, not batteries” and are made from “plant-based materials whenever possible.” The company said ImagiPlay’s rubberwood toys are a perfect addition to the BeginAgain workshop. ImagiPlay Founder Barbera Aimes will serve as an advisor to BeginAgain.