Berjuan Toys, maker of the world’s first breastfeeding dolls, has been struggling for more than a year to introduce their dolls into traditional retail channels. Thus far, they have been unsuccessful. Dennis Lewis, the Breast Milk Baby doll ambassador in the U.S., recently stated “although we’ve received overwhelming support from people all over the country, most retailers haven’t been willing to risk the controversy.”

“Our Breast Milk Baby dolls support and encourage breastfeeding. Over the past year we have been working diligently to bring our beautiful high quality dolls into retail outlets all over the country, but the truth is it’s just not working. The attitudes toward breastfeeding and the social taboo it still unfortunately represents are creating obstacles that a small company like Berjuan Toys can’t overcome. Sadly, the owners of the factory in Spain have all but given up on the U.S. market for these wonderful dolls.”

For this reason, the company has made a call to supporters asking for help. From now until Christmas, they are offering a 50 percent discount on their website by using the promo code XMAS.  In addition, for every doll sold between now and Christmas, the company will contribute $5 to support local grassroots breastfeeding initiatives.