Blue Orange Games is soaring into new territory and will debut their new line of wooden construction toys, called Engenius, at the American International Toy Fair.

The Engenius collection includes the helicopter (28 pieces),airplane (40 pieces), and spaceship (29 pieces) aviation sets. With each set, little builders age 4 and up can create the dozens of models shown on the included design sheet. There are no step-by-step instructions, so kids discover how to assemble the models through playful experimentation, which develops convergent and divergent thinking skills. Builders are sure to invent their own as they are not limited to the designs on the sheet.

The interchangeable pieces are easy to screw, push, and bolt together into endless configurations. The polished, rounded pieces are painted with a contrast of bright colors on sustainably sourced wood. As a part of their eight year running Tree Campaign, two trees will be planted for every tree used to create the Engenius toys as well as their wooden games.

Visit Blue Orange Games at Toy Fair booth No. 2817 to experience Engenius and discover five other new game releases.