Halloween may be over, but costumes are still alive and well in many households. I don’t know about you, but I definitely got more than one night’s use out of my costumes as a kid. In fact, we had a whole dress-up box full of Halloween costumes, dance recital outfits, wigs, tutus, etc. My mom would find extras at yard sales or after-Halloween clearance sales. My neighborhood friends and I used them all year long, whether playing house, coming up with plays and performances (that our parents graciously endured), or just for the fun of it. Here are a few fun costumes that kids can enjoy any time, inspired by some of my favorite disguises of Halloweens past:

Christine.Nov5Cinderella Light-Up Deluxe, from Disguise

The Cinderella Light-Up Deluxe costume, from Disguise, is awesome because it lights up! The battery-operated skirt twinkles in the dark (and in the light) making any little girl feel like a magical princess. Kids can accessorize with their own shoes, hairstyles, or jewelry. Solid clear jelly shoes would be a fun nod to the glass slippers!


Rainbow Unicorn, from Rubies Costume Co.

How cute is this Rainbow Unicorn costume from Rubies? I love the shiny shoes and shoulder pads. The tutu-inspired skirt is stylish and fun, and still lets kids move and play easily. The colorful mane is adorable, too.


Big Top Clown, from Fun World

This vibrant clown costume includes the top, pants, and collar. Kids can add a colorful curly wig to complete the look! This would be a great outfit to accompany a magic trick set, or for kids to perform silly stunts. And what kid doesn’t want an excuse to wear face paint?

Kids love to dress up, and not just for Halloween. Having a diverse box of costumes encourages social interaction and role play, and stimulates imagination and creativity. Now, right after Halloween, is a great time to stock up on seasonal leftovers for a fraction of the price and give kids an inexpensive, old-fashioned, unplugged way to have hours of fun.

Summer dress-up fun, circa 1990

Summer dress-up fun, circa 1990.

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