This spring and summer, toy companies are incorporating a bit of bubbly fun into their lines. With prime weather for outdoor fun, we are seeing the usual sidewalk chalks, sports sets, family lawn games, water shooters, and, a favorite around this office, bubbles. As I sit at my desk as Funrise ToysGazillion Bubble Twister spins and fills the office with bubbles, I realize that these simple toys are a surefire way to bring springtime joy to any playtime.

FubblesFunrise’s Gazillion Bubbles toys aren’t the only ones we’re seeing this year. Little Kids Inc. Fubbles No Spill Bubble Guitar turns kids ages 3 and up into rock star’s with a little extra flair. As kids press the button to make musical sounds, another button releases a stream of bubbles from the guitar neck.

JakePirateShipImperial Toy’s bubble toy line includes familiar faces, like Disney’s Jake and the Neverland Pirates with their Yo Ho, Let’s Go! Pirate Ship Bubble Machine. This battery-operated machine modeled after Jake’s pirate ship lets loose a continuous stream of bubbles. Their Spider-Man Spidey Strikes! Bubble Bellie shoots bubbles from his wrist instead of a web.

What better way is there to celebrate spring and summer than with a few bubble toys? It’s hard to play with any of these toys without a smile on your face. The play value of these toys are great, because a lot of them can be played with even without the bubbles. Regardless of your age, bubbles are the one thing guaranteed to bring out the smiling, happy kid in all of us.

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