Summer time means vacations, trips to Grandma’s, sleepovers with friends, and plenty of other activities that keep parents and their kids on the  move. On long car trips, plane rides, or any sort of day away from home, it’s good to have toys to bring along to keep kids entertained. It’s important to have toys that kids can play with en route, as well as upon arriving at the destination, without overpacking the car.

Avoid constant complaints of “Are we there yet?” or “How much longer?” with a few of these fun on-the-go toys.

3artsee_studio_mainThe ArtSee Studio, from WowWee, turns an iPad into a creation station. Kids can turn simple drawings and paintings into animated games, activities, and more. Using the interactive tools, kids can quickly make a blank canvas explode with color, sound, and movement. The studio allows kids to explore creativity while dabbling in technology all at the same time. The ArtSee Studio is for kids ages 3 and up.

aquadoodle_travel_doodleWith the Aquadoodle Travel Doodle, from Spin Master, kids can turn a road trip into creative fun. By simply adding water, little artists can create fun-filled, no-mess drawings on the go. The Aquadoodle Travel Doodle pen draws in red or blue ink, never makes a mess, and never runs out. Bumpy car rides can be hazardous with other drawing tools, but the Travel Doodle leaves no trace behind. This soft, portable drawing toy allows kids to create on the go.

gift_setStuffies are perfect for any sort of overnight travel. These adorable plushes double as storage—Stuffies have seven secret pockets for kids to store their treasures. Each of the Stuffies measures 20 inches by 11 inches. Kids  can choose from a bear, horse, giraffe, dinosaur, hippo, dog, bee, monkey, pig, turtle, or unicorn. Stuffies are great for on-the-go kids ages 3 and up.

bricks__more_10659_lego_blue_suitcase_boxThe travel-friendly Lego Bricks & More: Suitcase for kids ages 4 and up features classic Lego bricks and minifigures, visual building instructions, durable casing, a snap closure, and customizable interior sorting options. With the Lego Bricks & More Suitcase, it’s easy for the little builders to take their favorite toys on the go, without all the mess and hassle.

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