It’s difficult to recall when I first began dreaming about getting my driver’s license. Sure, there was that one time I accidentally shifted my parents’ car into neutral and rolled it out of the driveway (sorry again, Mom), but even at a young age, I had a desire to drive.Barbie Jeep

The first ride-on I instantly became obsessed with was my friend’s Power Wheels Barbie Jeep, circa 1990-something. It was love at first sight and I just had to have it. It was battery-operated, so I could just push down the pedal and go. It even had a roomy passenger seat, which was perfect for driving around my younger brothers and sister–and I probably tried to get my cat in it with me, too.For Christmas, it was the only thing on my list, and I was never more disappointed in my entire life (I think this still holds true) than when I opened up my big gift from Santa, which revealed a battery-powered red Jeep sans amazingly beautiful Barbie decals (My parents still have the video footage, and it was not pretty).

Needless to say that toy was taken right back to the store, but now kids have all sorts of cool ride-on options. And although the experience was traumatic, I can now at least understand why my parents refused to dish out a ton of money on a Barbie Jeep when the red one was probably half the price and had all of the same fun features.

Regardless, here are the newest, and most awesome ride-ons for kids ages 1 and up. They’re the perfect summer toy for kids to get safely cruising on outside.RedJeepRideOn

Mega Bloks Jeep 3-in-1 Ride-Ons are great for little tykes on the move. They’re recommended for kids ages 1 to 3 and come in several colors including pink, red, and green, so they’re perfect for boys and girls. The steering wheel features fun buttons that play music and make real Jeep sounds, while the high back allows kids to push or sit down and drive the 4×4. There’s also an under-the-seat compartment where kids can store their Mega Bloks First Builder Bloks and other miscellaneous toys.OpenZoomLayer-1

Riding quads and dirt bikes with my dad and brother was something I grew up with and loved, and the Tek Nek Toys Polaris Scrambler ATV is a toy quad for kids ages 1 to 3. It’s battery-powered and allows kids to steer so they get a real driving experience, while the super-grip tires ensure a safe, stable ride.


Although 4-wheelers and Minnie Mouse may seem like an unlikely combination, Kid Trax made it happen with its Disney Minnie Mouse 6V Quad Ride On, for kids 3 and up. This is a great option for girls who enjoy the thrill of a ride on (traveling at a safe speed of 1.5 mph), but are all about the color pink, polka dots, and big, pretty bows. Kid Trax added on all-terrain power trax rubber traction strip tires for a safe ride. A similar Kid Trax Disney Jake and the Neverland Pirates 6V Quad Ride On is available for the same price, and includes a treasure chest storage area, a skull and crossbones flag, and a parrot horn with a squeaker.

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