Early Wednesday morning, the posts started. My Facebook and Instagram feeds were filled with images of friends and family’s kids tearing into presents, digging through stockings, and excitedly displaying their treasures for the camera. As I scrolled through the photos, I noticed several items that showed up over and over again. Having dedicated the last few months to the hottest toys on the market, it was neat to see them finally end up under Christmas trees around the country.

leappadI’d say the most common recurring toy in my feed was the LeapPad Ultra. Each time it showed up, the caption described how the kid who received it loved it and wouldn’t put it down. The LeapPad Ultra is a great introduction to tablets for kids, and lets them fully utilize its contents safely.

Rainbow Loom also made several appearances, as did finished bracelets later in the day. One friend even commented, “Mommy might need a Rainbow Loom too! This thing is fun!”

The classics also proved steadfast, such as the Little Helper Broom Set, from Fatbrain Toys. I also saw toy ironing boards and toy kitchen sets, and more than one Hungry Hungry Hippos game, which was a personal favorite as a kid. (I’d probably still enjoy playing it now if I had the chance!)

And finally, I saw quite a few kids receive Disney Infinity. While I didn’t find any reviews, the ear-to-ear grins on the kids’ faces told me they already knew what was in store.

Sales statistics and financial reports tell us how toys are selling, but nothing hits home as much as seeing kids opening up some of the year’s top toys, bursting with excitement. It’s clear that kids follow toy trends too, and know what to put on their Christmas lists.

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