Building on the growing research that it makes a difference in long-term outcomes to hook kids early on math and science, Curiosityville launches Rosie the Scientist, a new character built especially for learning STEM skills. One of four animated characters live now on, Rosie is the community scientist with a passion for helping kids become critical thinkers and active learners through playful online and offline activities based on the science of how children learn.

When kids visit Rosie’s online laboratory, they meet an adorable, animated mouse dressed in a lab coat, red pleated skirt, knee socks, and Mary Janes. Like all interactive experiences in Curiosityville, the activities in Rosie’s laboratory incorporate the latest science on how children learn and were designed by an interdisciplinary team of educators, neuro- and cognitive scientists, 
child development experts, parents, and industry professionals. Each activity goes beyond building content knowledge in science to challenging kids to think and act as real scientists.

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