The Adventures of Scooter the Penguin

Entertainment One has released The Adventures Of Scooter The Penguina new CG family-friendly DVD. The animated film tells the story of Scooter, a little bird from a lost colony of penguins known for their speed and strength. Scooter was abandoned before he hatched and was taken by a family of silver penguins who encourage his talents. Still, the little bird feels like he doesn’t belong. As his adventures unfold, Scooter learns lessons of love and self-worth and returns to save the day at his village.

Trooper and The Legend of The Golden Key

eOne has also released Trooper and The Legend of The Golden Key. Trooper is a Bloodhound that lives in a town with a mysterious legend about a golden key that could be worth $1 million. The film follows Trooper and his owner, 10-year-old Tommy, as they set out to find the key and run into unexpected danger.