Fall Toy Preview: New Top Trumps Cards

Top Trumps card games are similar to War, which is played with normal playing cards. But instead of featuring a number and a suit, Top Trumps cards feature statistics such as speed, skill, strength, and more that coincide with the theme of the deck. The object of the game is to beat—or trump—your opponent’s card by choosing your best stat for that card. The player that trumps wins the card, and the game keeps going until a player wins the entire deck.

New Top Trumps card games for 2011 will include Moshi Monsters, Go Go Crazy Bones, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Top Trumps Activity Super Hero Squad, and Top Trumps Tournament Marvel.

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    1. Alex says:

      We’ve got the Star Wars Top Trumps, they’re great fun to play and keep the kids entertained, great for their reading too!

    2. nanoboy99 says:

      this is such a cool game! i looooove it!!!!!!!!! i play with my brother and sister and sometimes i win sometimes i don;t but i love it. teh best game ever!!!!!!!! :) ))