BendastixboxFibre-Craft introduces Bendastix, a kids’ creative activity where soft and squishy craft pieces replace rigid cardboard or wood.

Available in July, Bendastix will offer a kit of soft construction components to build cars, flowers, kooky glasses, and anything the imagination can dream up. Patterned Bendastix is a cool combination of crafts and construction where kids can bend, mold, and shape without ever breaking. The funky pieces can be reused next time to create a different bracelet, a robot, or a hair band.

Designed for children ages 6 and up, Bendastix makes its debut with eight arts and crafts kits. Each kit is packaged with a soft and squishy handle. These kits include Big Box, Braceletz, Botz, Budz, Bandz, and Bowz.