Gary Games is partnering with Magic: The Gathering creator, Dr. Richard Garfield, to develop a new digital collectible game, SolForge. Gary Games and Dr. Garfield launched a Kickstarter campaign on August 1 to help fund the game’s development.

Combining a traditional trading card game with the use of an online and mobile gaming platform, the core mechanic of SolForge will be card transformation, where players’ cards will change and level up as they are played. In addition to transforming cards, SolForge will offer players a single-player campaign where their in-game actions can directly impact the story of the world. In SolForge’s Player vs. Player mode, players can challenge friends to matches in a variety of game play formats. SolForge will launch initially on iOS, with plans to launch on other platforms in the future.

Those who pledge $15 on Kickstarter will gain access to the game’s beta test, a unique Kickstarter-only Avatar to show off support in-game and five free booster packs to start off the card collection when the game goes live. Supporters who contribute $2,500 or more will have the opportunity to have dinner with Dr. Garfield and the Gary Games team, as well as join them for Gen Con Indy 2013. For more information about participating in the Kickstarter campaign, visit the campaign page.

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