Yesterday, Jackie Breyer shared some Easter-worthy toy picks. As the toy industry promotes giving toys in lieu in candy this year, here are a couple of dolls from Madame Alexander’s Easter Collection!

EasterPrincessThe Easter Princess is an 8-inch fully articulated Wendy with brown eyes and curly brunette pigtails worn with bangs. She is wearing a party dress that has a blue taffeta bodice layered with sparkle organza. Because she’s an Easter Princess, she wears a tiara composed of Easter grass, pastel eggs, iridescent flower sequins, pearls, and a pink bow. What’s a princess without her accessories? This princess comes carrying a sparkle bag of glass jellybeans in her hand.

Wendy's Easter Egg HuntWendy’s Easter Egg Hunt is an 8-inch, bent-knee, freckle-faced Wendy with blue eyes and a curled Ivory ponytail in a lavender bow and bangs. She wears a full-skirted floral print dress with a “Happy Easter” printed graphic on the hem. She carries an adorable cloth chick with a tiny purple bow on its head.

Both dolls are for teens ages 14 and up can be ordered online.