Arbor Cube’s iBuku Pets turns any iPhone or iPod touch into an interactive toy for kids. In addition to the easy to hold cuddly case, the educational iBuku Pets’ App and their cast of playful characters infuse an amazing balance of fun, learning, and entertainment into what is normally mindless touchscreen button pressing. Available on Kickstarter, iBuku Pets will ship to customers in December.

Check out the iBuku Pets in action:

The free iBuku Apps take children on adventures through a fictional rainforest with Alvi, Bibi, and Duru. Children will experience fun and games, mixed with learning about recycling and protecting the world from pollution. Characters interact, talk, and even sing along with kids as they explore new worlds and meet unique creatures. Apps are constantly updated with new adventures, lessons, and features, keeping them exciting and engaging.

The iBuku Apps can also be downloaded on iTunes. For more information on iBuku Pets, visit