JakksJakks Pacific Inc. has entered a long-term licensing agreement with Skechers USA Inc. to manufacture, distribute, and market a line of toys and products inspired by the Skechers and Twinkle Toes brands. The agreement encompasses multiple product categories, including collectibles, dress-up, and role play.

Jakks will launch a miWorld Skechers play set, allowing kids to build and design their very own Skechers mini replica store, and to play in ways that are authentic to the lifestyle footwear brand. The play set will be compatible with the miWorld Mall DreamPlay app, which brings the miWorld play sets to life on smartphone and tablet devices.

Augmented reality experiences brought to life by the app allow kids to interact with both their miWorld avatars and physical play sets on their device screens. They can unlock interactive games, content-rich experiences, and animation.

Jakks is also producing a line of Twinkle Toes Cabbage Patch Kids featuring miniature replicas of real-life Twinkle Toes footwear, including light up versions. Some Twinkle Toes Cabbage Patch Kids will wear Twinkle Toes apparel and backpacks.

The company plans to launch its Skechers-licensed miWorld play sets this fall, and its Twinkle Toes Cabbage Patch Kids products this June at retailers nationwide.