LeapFrog Enterprises, creator of technology-based educational products, announced a two-sided interactive chart and board game that teaches kids ages 4 to 8 about the human body. The Human Body Discovery Pack for Tag has fun features that allow children to sing and dance to songs that teach health lessons. The “Brush Your Teeth” song teaches kids that they should brush their teeth for the recommended time of two minutes, the “Washing Hands” song encourages children to be clean, and the “Move Your Body” song encourages physical exercise.

Kids can track their height with The Growing Body interactive growth chart that can be placed on the wall. A set of interactive stickers can be placed on the chart to mark important events such as birthdays, losing a tooth, and the first day of school. Kids can learn about the digestive system, the nervous system, the muscular system, the skeletal system, and bones and organs with the interactive Tag reader. A team of education and pediatric experts and parents made sure that all facts are age-appropriate and are explained in kids-friendly terms.

The Human Body Discovery Pack includes a jumbo two-sided chart and game board, an interactive growth chart, three interactive sticker sheets with glow-in-the dark bone stickers, and more than 300 interactive responses and 40 learning activities. The pack is available for sale at leapfrog.com and at major retail stores in the U.S., Mexico, Spain, France, and Canada.