Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 4.21.55 PMLegacy Games relaunched Crayola Color Blaster, the company’s first augmented reality game.

Legacy is releasing a new storyline content pack for the app, called Paint My Dragon, that includes fairies, tree monsters, ogres, and dragons. Also newly available is an arcade mode for players who prefer faster action. Players can enjoy the new arcade mode update and original zombie-themed story for free, while Paint My Dragon is available as an in-app purchase.

Crayola Color Blaster was originally developed and supported as part of the Google App Incubator Program, and was one of 35 Tango-enabled apps made available in November. The game integrates motion tracking and depth-sensing directly into the gameplay.

When playing Crayola Color Blaster, virtual, life-size 3-D characters such as dragons follow players around the room. Kids must walk around in order to avoid the life-size characters that want to “crunch” their colors. Players progress through increasingly challenging levels by coloring the virtual characters, until the rhyming wizard, who is stealing all the world’s color, is vanquished.

The app is available for download now for Android tablets.