Lego revealed its next fan-design set, Woman of NASA, which celebrates women who had key roles in the U.S. space program. The set met then 10,000 supporteers mark in the Lego Ideas competition, and was approved by the Lego board. 

The set celebrates five notable NASA pioneers and provides an educational building experience to help kids and adults learn about the history of women in STEM. In addition to a desktop frame that displays these five minifigures and their names, the set includes vignettes depicting a famous photo of the reams of code that landed astronauts on the moon in 1969; instruments used to calculate and verify trajectories for the Mercury and Apollo missions; a microscale Hubble Space Telescope and display; and a mini space shuttle, complete with external tank and solid rocket boosters.

The five women to be featured in the set include Margaret Hamilton, a computer scientist who developed the on-board flight for the Apollo missions to the moon; Katherine Johnson, a mathematician and space scientist who calculated and verified trajectories for the Mercury and Apollo programs; Sally Ride, an astronaut, physicist, and educator who was the first woman in space; Nancy Grace Roman, an astronomer who was one of the first female executives at NASA; and Mae Jemison, an astronaut, physicist, and entrepreneur, who became the first African American woman in space in 1992.

The sets are expected to be available later this year or early next year.

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