MattelChildrenFoundationMattel has started its fourth annual global Mattel 12 Days of Play program, a series of holiday-themed philanthropic events that will give the gift of play to more than 100,000 children in more than 30 countries. Mattel 12 Days of Play brings Mattel employees together to impact the lives of children at underserved schools, hospitals, food banks, orphanages, and other community organizations around the world with a variety of play, toys, and fun activities.

In the Los Angeles area alone, more than 2,000 volunteers are joining children at inner-city elementary schools and the Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA. Working with its signature partner Playworks, as well as LA’s Best and other local organizations, Mattel will create a total of eight Winter Wonderlands. The play areas have approximately 400 tons of snow combined, where an estimate of 5,000 kids ages 6 to 11 can play.

These events feature real falling snow and activities such as sledding, ice skating, racing Hot Wheels cars down a 40-foot track, photo opportunities with real-life Barbie, a chance to meet Mr. and Mrs. Claus, and plenty of toys. On December 5, Mattel’s global headquarters in El Segundo, Calif. was covered in more than 100 tons of snow and real flakes fell from the sky. Kids were also able to sled down three tracks and drive Power Wheels through an obstacle course.

In addition to a number of other volunteer events and charitable donations to organizations such as Habitat for Humanity and the LA Area Regional Food Bank, the 12 Days of Play event highlights include:

December 3: Winter Wonderland at 112th Street Elementary

December 4: Winter Wonderland at Jefferson Elementary

December 5: Winter Wonderland at Mattel Headquarters

December 6: Winter Wonderland on Ice at the Toyota Sports Center

December 9: Winter Wonderland at Grape Street Elementary

December 10: Winter Wonderland at Figueroa Elementary

December 11: Winter Wonderland at 10th Street Elementary

December 12: Winter Wonderland at Washington Elementary