Super Man ToysWith the release of Warner Bros.Man of Steel, MBE launches a range of toys based on the movie, including Interactive Superman with remote control, U-command Kryptonian cycle with remote control, Kryptonian armor sword and accessories, Kryptonian gauntlet scanner launcher, Kryptonian gauntlet disc launcher, Kryptonian Earth gear, and Kryptonian armor utility belt with accessories. All the toys are for kids ages 4 and up.

The Interactive Superman and the U-command Kryptonian cycle come with an infrared remote control to activate the animated body language, voice, and sound effects. The cycle has light-up wheels and its movements are controlled through the joysticks on the wireless remote control. The control buttons can be used to pre-program the actions, sound, and voice effects. The remote comes with more than 1,000 possible action combination sequences.

The Kryptonian armor sword set comes with accessories like cuffs, a pretend GPS Communicator, two throwing stars, a throwing wing, and a scabbard belt clip. The Kryptonian gauntlet scanner launcher and the Kryptonian gauntlet disc launcher come with adjustable straps on the gauntlet. The Kryptonian Earth gear includes a sculpted chest plate with adjustable straps, a cape, and wrist gauntlets. The Kryptonian armor utility belt comes with accessories like a light projector, dart launcher, a pretend GPS Communicator, two throwing wings, and a pouch to store all these when not in use. The accessories can be fit on the belt for easy access.

The Superman toy range is available across stores such as Hamley’s, Landmark, Shopper Stop, Lifestyle, and others, as well as on the e-commerce websites such as