Moose Toys has released Micro Chargers, a fast new line of micro-sized, collectible racecars that feature quick-charge technology for fast-paced racing, jumping, and stunts.

Micro Chargers take eight seconds to charge and race at scale speeds of up to 600 miles per hour. Using the included handheld, battery-operated charger, kids supercharge their micro cars then launch them to race. Featuring more than 30 vehicles and two different car models to collect and trade, the Micro Chargers line lets kids select the perfect racer to take down their opponent. The Micro Chargers line is available at Toys“R”Us and other select toy retailers nationwide.

In addition to individually packaged Micro Chargers cars and launchers, the line includes three new track sets that kids can connect to configure the ultimate racetrack (tracks are also compatible with other leading brands). Kids can choose from the Loop Stunt Track, which features a gravity-defying loop; the Jump Race Track, where micro racers must gain enough speed to clear the daunting jump; and the Time Track, a track with four built-in chargers for the ultimate race challenge against friends.

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