At a time when so many people are entertained by tablet computers and mobile phones, is it possible for people to play enough games to log one million minutes of game play in a four-month span? Game enthusiasts across the United States once again proved it is, logging a total of 1,060,940 minutes during the 12th year of the Million Minute Family Challenge.

Game-play also proved to be an outlet for many families affected by Hurricane Sandy. The Agin family in New Jersey–avid participants of the Million Minute Family Challenge since 2005–logged more than 500 minutes of game play in the aftermath of Sandy.

Virginia logged the most minutes of game play, with 132,019 minutes. The group that logged the most minutes was Marshall Public Library in Pocatello, Idaho, with 113,488 minutes. More than 300 Girl Scout troops participated; a troop from Acton, Calif., was the top minute-logging group with 14,070 minutes. Many Girl Scouts also opted to earn

More than 800 groups took part in this year’s challenge. For more information, visit or call (800) 524-4263.