Moshi Monsters Toys Exclusively At Toys “R” Us

Mind Candy and Spin Master, Ltd have announced a partnership to expand the online gaming hit Moshi Monsters into a line of toys, to be carried exclusively at Toys “R” Us. The product offerings will include six plush Moshi Monsters characters, as well as 32 Moshling (monsters’ pets) minifigures, all available in late July. To integrate the toy experience with the online world, the toy design includes secret redeemable codes and special trial memberships. Future merchandising will include trading cards produced by Topps and books from Scholastic, Inc.


    1. Moshi monsters has signed up more than 50million members since 2008 – that is HUGE! And growing at the rate of 1 signup per SECOND. Incredible! One out of every two children aged between 5 and 12 in the UK has a Moshi Monster account. Amazing!