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Munchkin Launches New Line Of Safety Accessories With Social Media Campaign

Munchkin, Inc., has announced its “Help Me Babyproof” Facebook campaign, a month-long contest encouraging fans to share stories and photos to describe why they need help baby-proofing, for a chance to win Munchkin’s new line of safety accessories.

Munchkin’s new safety accessories offer contemporary features that are new or improved in the marketplace, such as smooth, no-grip plug covers to prevent a child from tampering while also offering a camouflage look for the home, and drawer and cabinet latches that are more child resistant than other single-latch designs. Many of the new childproofing tools are also customizable, to help conceal potential safety threats specific to a parent’s needs.

New baby-proofing accessories include the Childproofing Kit and a range of XtraGuard products, such as the Dual Purpose Door Stopper, Dual Locking Drawer Latches, Dual Locking Angle Latch, Dual Locking Multi-Use Latches, Safety Lock Plug Covers, and many more.

From now until December 5, parents and grandparents are invited to visit the Munchkin Facebook page at www.Facebook.com/Munchkin to participate in the “Help Me Babyproof” social media campaign and learn more about the new line of baby-proofing accessories for their homes. Munchkin will award the full line of safety accessories to the best submissions on a weekly basis.

Munchkin’s safety accessories are now available at retailers nationwide. For more information or for a list of retailers near you, visit www.Munchkin.com.