_96020 - 1-64 Motor World Series 2 - Lamborghini Gallardo

GreenLight, LLC will release a continuation of its first GreenLight Toys product line, 1:64th Motor World. 1:64th Motor World Series Two includes three individual product classifications: Classics Series, All-American Series, and Speed Series. The series features the following 12 vehicles:

All-American – 1953 Cadillac Eldorado

All-American – 1955 Chevy Bel Air

All-American – 1956 Ford F-100 Truck

All-American – 1965 Shelby Cobra S/C 427

Classics – Land Rover Range Rover

Classics – Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Classics – Mini Cooper

Classics – Volkswagen Samba Bus

Classics – Volkswagen W30

Speed – BMW Z4

Speed –Jaguar XK

Speed – Lamborghini Gallardo

The Series Two cars will be available at Toys ‘R’ Us, Meijer, and Gordmans in the U.S, as well as GreenLight hobby distributors, wholesalers, and online dealers around the world, beginning in January.