Pillow Pets video game

GameMill Entertainment announced the release of the Pillow Pets game for Nintendo DS, available in North America this holiday season.

The game, based on the children’s line of plush pillows from CJ Products, which transform into snuggly companions, invites gamers to jump, fly, buzz, and explore Dreamland, the imaginative world where the Pillow Pets characters thrive. Players can customize and personalize Pillow Pets by adding hats, glasses, and more.

GameMill also introduces Moxie Girlz, a video game based on the popular brand of Moxie Girlz fashion dolls. Moxie Girlz gives players thousands of art options and creations. Gamers can share their deepest secrets, get lost in Journal or Diary mode, or have fun filling out quizzes. The game sends a positive message to gamers: “Be true! Be you!”

DaGeDar, a competitive racing video game based on the DaGeDar brand of racing balls, will also be releasing soon this holiday season. The game features more than 30 fast and furious raceways and 100 collectible balls, including limited-edition balls.