The first North America Product Safety Summit was held September 26-27 at the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s (CPSC) Maryland headquarters. The three main parties, CPSC, Health Canada, and the Consumer Protection Federal Agency of the United Mexican States, released a statement on last month’s event.

The organizations noted the importance of the gathering, explaining the increasing volume of world trade. Other issues that were discussed included the need for trilateral cooperation for product safety, continuous improvement in training and quality assurance systems, enhanced cooperation to solve product safety issues, the promotion of an aligned product safety requirement, and timely and effective communication of product safety information.

The statement ended with a summary of the Summit’s “Cooperative Engagement Framework,” a six-point course of action designed to address issues over the next two years. Attendees vowed to work on cross-border cooperation for regulations and voluntary standards, risk assessment, import and market surveillance, training and outreach, consumer awareness campaigns, and joint recalls or other corrective actions.