The NPD Kids Industry Data Service (KIDS) provides monthly insight into purchases made on behalf of kids ages 0-14 across product categories with an emphasis on licenses and brands. In addition, each month the company asks an open-ended, unaided question designed to provide insight into what is top-of-mind with kids today. In July, the question was: “Where do you plan to do most of the back to school shopping for your child(ren)?” The NPD KIDS compiled 1,760 mentions of retailers where parents indicated they plan to do back-to-school shopping on behalf of their kids.

Thirty-six percent of respondents indicated Walmart; 20 percent indicated Target; 4 percent indicated Kohls and JC Penney; 3 percent indicated Staples and dollar stores, including Dollar Tree, Dollar General, Dollar Stores and Family Dollar; and 2 percent indicated Kmart, Old Navy, a shopping mall, or wherever there is a sale.

According to the NPD KIDS, the 2 percent of respondents indicating that they will shop “wherever there is a sale,” represents willingness on the part of shoppers to wait and hunt for promotions on school supplies. This is a response that has not shown up in previous iterations of the survey question.

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