Octonauts Set to Premiere in Germany This Summer

Chorion has secured its first major multi-rights deal with German broadcaster Super RTL. The channel has acquired 50 x 11’ minutes and 2 x 22-minute specials of Chorion’s preschool series Octonauts, with a second window to play on Disney Germany. The deal combines TV, home entertainment, and licensing and merchandising rights for the brand. The TV series is planned to debut in Germany on Disney Junior this summer and on Super RTL this fall. The deal follows the agreement with Disney U.S. for the premiere of Octonauts on Disney Junior next year.


    1. Wow! The Octonauts are really taking over the world, aren’t they? Germany now and the US next year! I’m sure this is going to be one of the best and longest running children show. This really does set a new bar when it comes to childrens tv show animation. Amazing.