The best part of a new year is the chance to refresh, renew, and make resolutions. Australia’s export anaMalz has a strategic marketing plan that’s full of possibilities for distributors, retailers, and kids (with a focus on the child within even “big” kids). Starting with an enlivened logo, the poseable pals have an updated global website, worldwide social media campaign, multipurpose packaging, and captivating point of sales materials.

The new anaMalz brand starts off the year welcoming new reps Diverse Marketing for the Midwest region and Enchanted Moments for East Coast sales. The Fulfillment House, based in New Jersey, will handle anaMalz’s new warehouse needs.

anaMalz has also updated its logo, color scheme, packaging, and hang tags. The product line has expanded to six “homelands,” including new iceberg and coral bay creatures. Customers can visit online and meet all of the anaMalz. To entice supply and demand, every six months a half dozen animals will hibernate, and every other month a new anaMalz will be born.

Beyond the individual toy is a hang sell tag that doubles as a bag tag. “Let’s Make Nature Grow” is the brand-wide theme that will link into the anaMalz Adopt An Acre program, which will allow consumers to preserve the world’s most beautiful four-legged and two-legged playgrounds.