Grooviks_Highlight_thirdparty[2]Liberty Science Center (LSC) is endeavoring to build Groovik’s Cube—a 1.5-story high Rubik’s Cube that can be controlled via the web from anywhere in the world.

The giant art-meets-science installation will premiere at LSC in spring 2014, on the 40th anniversary of the invention of Rubik’s Cube. It will be the centerpiece of “Beyond Rubik’s Cube,” a 7,000-square-foot exhibition designed to celebrate the world’s most popular puzzle and the many cool things the Cube has inspired in robotics, engineering, mathematics, design, art, and film.

The Rubik’s Cube has been going from strength to strength since Apple Inc. featured the app version of the cube in its latest iPhone TV advertising campaign entitled ‘Brilliant’.  The advertisement showcased the interactive touch play and puzzle experience that has been fundamental the success of the cube. Sales of the Rubik’s Cube app were up 2600 percent while the advertisement was live and hit the top 20 paid apps.

Rubik’s is also launching an updated cube design in 2014 and to celebrate, Rubik’s Cube launched a new logo to commemorate the new generation at Licensing Expo.