Saban Capital Group Acquires Power Rangers from The Walt Disney Company

Saban Capital Group, Inc. has acquired the Power Rangers property from The Walt Disney Company, marking the franchise as the first property to be managed by newly established Saban Brands. Saban Brands was recently formed as a subsidiary of Saban Capital Group to manage and license entertainment properties and consumer brands throughout the world.

The acquisition represents the return of the global franchise to its original developer, Haim Saban, who introduced the first Power Rangers series in 1993. The deal includes worldwide rights to the brand, as well as the more than 700 episodes produced over 17 years.

Saban has also signed a new, long-term master toy and video game license agreement with Bandai Namco Group, the toy partner for the Power Rangers property since its start.

Additionally, SCG Power Rangers, LLC––an affiliate of Saban Brands–––has partnered with Nickelodeon, to make the TV network the U.S. television platform for Power Rangers. As a part of the agreement, Nickelodeon and Nicktoons will air the upcoming 18th season of Power Rangers (premiering in 2011), which will feature 20 new episodes. Nicktoons will launch the catalog of 700 episodes on its network later this year.

Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.


    1. Aniecia Mouton says:

      can I be your Saban’s Power Rangers Samurai yellow ranger I will fight bad guys for you teach me please you my friends and family help you in my heart.

    2. Rabbit says:

      Love the Saban Power Rangers but Samurai doesn’t work just right but he is getting his morphing back!

    3. Jeff says:

      Does this mean we will FINALLY get official DVD releases here in the US?

    4. Marty says:

      This is awesome. The Saban Power Rangers was always a lot better than the Disney power rangers.

    5. Korian says:

      Best news EVER!!


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