ClientOn April 26, 
Spin Master Ltd. teamed up with legendary NASCAR driver Carl Edwards to bring the opportunity of a lifetime to Christopher Wooten, the lucky winner of this year’s Win a Ride to School Sweepstakes.

For Spin Master’s sweepstakes, children ages 5 to 17 throughout the U.S. were invited to enter online to win a free ride to school from Carl Edwards in a street-legal 2-seater version of his #99 Fastenal Ford Fusion car. With thousands of entries in the competition, Wooten was selected as the lucky recipient.

“It was definitely the coolest thing I have ever done.,” Wooten said. “I think we got some interesting looks along the way that morning. I was hoping no one was gonna wreck in front of us because we’d go by and they would be looking out the window to our side and not paying any attention to the road. I have never done anything close to what we did today, and it was such an incredible experience.”

Spin Master and NASCAR Team Properties have a multi-year, exclusive licensing agreement where children of all ages have been able to play and race like all of the pros with replica vehicles, play sets, and remote control items.