Marvel Comics Touring Attraction Teams Up with Hollywood Veteran Jerry Rees

MarvelExperienceAs reported by Los Angeles-based entertainment company Hero Ventures, Jerry Rees will lead the creative team responsible for producing The Marvel Experience, an innovative, traveling attraction that affords guests the opportunity to actively participate with dozens of Marvel super heroes.

Rees is a director, producer, and writer of live-action, animation, and theme park attractions. He has directed 16 Disney Theme Park attractions around the world in California, Hong Kong, Florida, and Paris. [Read more...]

Regal Entertainment Hosts Exclusive Giveaway Celebrating The Lego Movie

Feb3.LegoRegal Entertainment Group will give away a Limited Edition Lego Minifigure to Regal Crown Club Members at all RealD 3-D Regal locations playing The Lego Movie. Regal guests who purchase a ticket to the 3-D movie will receive one “Pyjamas Emmet” minifigure per transaction at the box office while supplies last. 

The movie follows Emmet, an ordinary minifigure, as he tries to save the world when he is mistakenly identified as the most extraordinary person. The Lego Movie is the first full-length theatrical Lego adventure and will be released in theaters on February 7.

COMMENTARY: Minecraft Brings A Whole New World

CARSONI admittedly didn’t know very much about the Minecraft toy and game selection until Halloween, when my uncle sent a photo of the costume that he had made for his son; who am I kidding—I knew nothing until then! My cousin Carson is a 5 year-old obsessed with the stuff! At the time, all I knew was that Carson could make anything look adorable, and that he had clearly moved on from trains and into this world where players can build constructions out of textured cubes in a 3-D generated world. I can’t even begin to understand all of the insider ins-and-outs of Minecraft, and it seems as though the name represents an entity of games and licensed products. I do, though, like to get as involved as I can with Carson, as I am much more aware of the favorites of his sister, Kennedy, since they were the same as mine: all things pink. Man, girls are simple! In time for the holidays, I took the game home to see what this Minecraft business is all about, so I can get those ever-elusive little kid “brownie points” while I’m home for Christmas. [Read more...]

PlayStation to Launch New Gaming System and 3-D Display

Later this year, Sony will premiere the PlayStation Vita, which will redefine the portable gaming world with an inventive new platform for a heightened game experience.

The device will feature a 5-inch multitouch OLED as the front display and will also incorporate a unique multitouch pad on the back. This technology allow users to interact with motions that were previously not available, such as grabbing, pushing, pulling, and tracing finger motions. The Vita will also be equipped with two analog sticks, enabling for a wider range of game genres. Two versions of the PlayStation Vita will be available for sale: the Wi-Fi model ($249) and the 3G Wi-Fi model ($299).

Additionally, this fall, the new PlayStation 3D Display will be available at all major retailers. The display is a 24-inch, full HD LCD screen that will give PlayStation users full access to the three-dimensional realm of entertainment. There will be a 3-D Display bundle, including the 3-D Display, 3-D glasses, an HDMI cable, and the Resistance 3 game, available for $499. The 3-D glasses will also be sold separately for $69.99.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon, The Next Chapter in 3-D

Transformers: Dark of the Moon doesn’t hit theaters until June 29, however a 20-minute preview I attended proved that it will be one of the summer’s biggest releases. The 3-D team behind Avatar worked on this film, which is the first in the Transformers franchise to be shot in 3-D. Michael Bay, the director, says that this team is the best in the 3-D medium.

The first five minutes of the film is a bit of a history lesson. According to the film, the U.S. government thought that something launched by the Russians landed on the moon and that was what put the space race into gear. The film featured real shots of President Kennedy plus other historical footage, paired with modern 3-D clips, which was unexpected to me. Think of it as being in the style of Forest Gump, but the added 3-D technology made the scenes feel much more real.

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Nintendo 3DS Not Made for Kids Under Age Six, Says Company

According to In-Game, a blog on, Nintendo has issued a warning to parents telling them that kids under the age of 6 should not play 3-D games on its soon-to-be-released Nintendo 3DS.

The warning, translated by, reports that 3-D viewing causes quicker eye fatigue than normal screen viewing, and children under six should not play the 3-D games because they are still developing their eye muscles. Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime told, “We will recommend that very young children not look at 3-D images. That’s because, [in] young children, the muscles for the eyes are not fully formed.”

In-Game reports that Sony issued a similar warning about kids playing 3-D games on the PlayStation 3 console, saying that parents should “consult your doctor before allowing young children to watch 3-D video images or play stereoscopic 3-D games.”

The Nintendo 3DS is expected to launch in Japan on February 26 and then in North America and beyond in March. The 3DS will feature a slider that allows players to adjust the amount of 3-D effect they see. Nintendo said the console will include parental controls that can turn the 3-D effect off. The 3DS will premiere to the Japanese public at next month’s Nintendo World event.

Nintendo to Release 3-D Portable Console

Nintendo has announced that it will release a 3-D portable console, the Nintendo 3DS. The system will use two screens, will be backwards compatible with current DS and DSi games, and—most likely the biggest feature—players won’t have to wear any special glasses to see the game in 3-D.

Last month, Ars Technica posted a video (above) of a downloadable game that is currently out in Japan, which allows the user to see a 3-D effect by peering into the game and moving the console back and forth. The 3DS may use similar technology.

The Nintendo 3DS is scheduled to be release before the end of the fiscal year, sometime between April 2010 and March 2011. The company has yet to release any images or videos of the upcoming system, or explain how the games will look or be played.

Bubbles Go (Even More) 3-D

3-D is no longer limited to IMAX movies and Grammy tributes. Imperial Toy has released Optrix 3-D Bubbles, which combines the fun of blowing bubbles with the rising popularity of 3-D technology.

When used outdoors (on a sunny day, of course), kids can see magical images inside the bubbles they make. Optrix 3-D Bubbles are available in stars, hearts, lightning bolts, and butterflies. Each product comes in 3-D packaging, and includes viewing glasses, a bubble wand, bubble tray, and an 8 oz. bottle of Imperial Toy’s Super Miracle Bubble solution.

Optrix 3-D Bubbles are available at U.S. stores for $7.99 to $9.99. The product will be shipping worldwide shortly.

Disney to Release 3-D Movies on Blu-ray

Walt Disney Studios will start releasing Disney Digital 3-D content for the home on Blu-ray disc beginning with Disney’s A Christmas Carol and a special 3-D Showcase Disc. The new 3-D content for homes will be made available in coordination with hardware manufacturers’ to-be-released, 3-D home entertainment systems.

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