COMMENTARY: A Fresh Take on Traditional Outdoor Toys and Games

These days, it’s pretty crucial for toy companies to be as innovative as possible. But sometimes, providing kids with a new take on an old-school toy or game is just as effective. Sure, kids are ridiculously interested in tablets, iPhones, and computers, but when it comes to play the rules haven’t changed all that much. Although kids are now growing up in the “digital age,” they are always going to love running, jumping, laughing, and exerting energy in a physical way.

Toys such as pogo sticks, Skip-Its (my favorite), and sidewalk chalk were staples throughout my childhood, and contrary to those who believe kids are actually digital robots, they remain favorites for children growing up now, too.

Kidoozie Pogo JumperI never got around to mastering the pogo stick, but this bouncing device still remains a popular activity for kids of all ages. The Kidoozie Pogo Jumper from International Playthings offers kids a lot of hop, but enhances the fun by adding a built-in speaker that squeaks with every bounce. [Read more...]

Luca Lashes Adds Activities for Kids to Its Website

ed5c33850e2afd26b1ae379354ac307dCreators of Luca Lashes LLC’s multilingual e-book and app series are offering an Activities for Kids section on its website to provide free non-technology activities to entertain young children. The activities, like the e-books and apps, are based on a young boy named Luca whose magical eyelashes help make him brave. The series helps turn fearful firsts into educational experiences, whether it is a child’s first haircut, first dentist visit, first swimming lesson, and more.

The activities include a connect the dots game where children can work on shape recognition, color sheets, mazes, a find the difference game, Find It! game, review questions from the books, cut and paste activities for easy arts and crafts, and Silly Things.

Through these activities, kids can learn shape recognition, problem solving, details, reading comprehension, and logic skills.

All of the activities can be downloaded in PDF or JPG formats and printed for free. Interested readers can familiarize themselves with the Luca Lashes series for free by downloading the first app in the series, Luca Lashes, the Brown-Eyed Boy with the Magic Eyelashes on iTunes, Google play, the Amazon App Store, or Nook.