COMMENTARY: AllerMates Help Keep Kids with Allergies Safe

As the mother of a preschooler with a newly discovered sesame allergy, I am somewhat unfamiliar to the world of epi-pens and the importance of teaching a young child to speak up for themselves in a potentially lethal—but seemingly innocent—situation. It’s scary to be told your child has a serious allergy, and that the next seed to cross her lips could cause her throat to close up. While nut allergies are a known condition that can trigger anaphylaxis with tongue swelling and the inability to breathe, sesame allergies are a somewhat new, albeit growing phenomenon. As a parent, it’s my job to keep my children safe, and to make sure that no matter where my daughter is or whose care she is in, she will not be in danger.

allermates.wristbandMy daughter’s pediatrician recently stressed to me the importance of teaching Lena to always ask whether there is sesame in any food she is given, and to always ask a parent or teacher if it’s okay for her to eat. However, she is 4 years old, and new to this allergy herself. She does not understand the potential consequences of eating sesame, and it is extremely difficult for her to remember and be held responsible for something so serious.

allermates.medcaseThis is why I was so enthusiastic when I was contacted by AllerMates, and introduced to the company’s expanding line of products for kids with food allergies. [Read more...]

Allergy-Conscious Mom Takes Action with AllerMates

Children with allergies will feel a little safer this summer with the launch of AllerMates, a new line of character-driven wristbands, dog tags, and lunch boxes designed to present a more personalized, visual representation of specific allergies. Iris Shamus, founder and CEO of AllerMates, created the line after her son’s struggle with allergies.

“No matter how many forms I signed or how many times I spoke to the teacher, the inevitable happened” Shamus said.  “I set out to create something more personalized so that a camp counselor, caregiver, or teacher would always be aware of his allergies.”

The line is based on 14 fun, original characters that represent the most common allergies: peanut, nut, gluten/wheat, milk, egg, shellfish, penicillin, insect sting, latex, pollen, fish, soy, sesame, and cat. All products are hypo-allergenic, nickel and latex free, and have passed rigorous safety standards and testing

In addition to the products, AllerMates offers tips, facts, and general information about allergies, as well as games and activities on its website. The website also has a fully functional social community allowing its members free and easy interaction and sharing of the latest blogs, news, videos, and information within the allergy community.

AllerMates products can be purchased at, and at independent retailers throughout the U.S. as well as stores in Canada, United Kingdom, Portugal and South America.

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