The Sky’s the Limit with Artzooka! Craft Kits from Wooky Entertainment

From craft kits to activity books and more, Wooky Entertainment’s Artzooka! line of imagination-stimulating offerings empowers kids to create a range of artful and practical playthings and decorative accessories for hours of creative fun. Based on the energetic and ever-artistic Artzooka! TV series for school-age kids from CCI Entertainment, the new Artzooka! collection provides more inventive opportunities for kids to express themselves in clever and resourceful ways.

Check out these new additions!

  • Surprise Match Boxes: Kids can create their own mini puppets that double as secret compartments for tiny treasures–and then entertain their friends and family with plays featuring their new characters. The kit includes two “Match” boxes, a sticker sheet, and cardboard accessories.
  • Cupcake Creations: A whole new reason to love cupcakes (as if anyone needed one)! This kit lets kids turn cupcake holders into the main ingredient for creating super-cool animals for hours of play. Includes 20 cupcake molds, cardboard accessories, and a glue container. [Read more...]